The Journey - Pilgrims Progress.

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1) City of Destruction : Christian's home, representative of the world (cf. Isaiah 19:18)


2) Slough of Despond : the miry swamp on the way to the Wicket Gate; one of the hazards of the journey to the Celestial City. In the First Part, Christian falling into it, sank further under the weight of his sins (his burden) and his sense of their guilt.

3) Mount Sinai : a frightening mountain near the Village of Morality that threatens all who would go there.

4) Wicket-Gate : the entry point of the straight and narrow way to the Celestial City. Pilgrims are required to enter by way of the Wicket Gate. Beelzebub's castle was built not very far from the Gate.

5) House of the Interpreter : a type of spiritual museum to guide the pilgrims to the Celestial emblematic of Calvary and the tomb of Christ.

6) Hill Difficulty : both the hill and the road up is called "Difficulty"; it is flanked by two treacherous byways "Danger" and "Destruction." There are three choices: Christian takes "Difficulty" (the right way), and Formalist and Hypocrisy take the two other ways, which prove to be fatal dead ends.


7) House Beautiful : a palace that serves as a rest stop for pilgrims to the Celestial City. It apparently sits atop the Hill Difficulty. From the House Beautiful one can see forward to the Delectable Mountains. It represents the Christian congregation, and Bunyan takes its name from a gate of the Jerusalem temple (Acts 3:2, 10).


8) Valley of Humiliation : the Valley on the other side of the Hill Difficulty, going down into which is said to be extremely slippery by the House Beautiful's damsel Prudence. It is where Christian, protected by God's Armor, meets Apollyon and they had that dreadful, long fight where Christian was victorious over his enemy by impaling Apollyon on his Sword of the Spirit (Word of God) which caused the Foul Fiend to fly away. Apollyon met Christian in the place known as "Forgetful Green." This Valley had been a delight to the "Lord of the Hill", Jesus Christ, in his "state of humiliation."


9) Valley of the Shadow of Death : a treacherous, devilish Valley filled with demons, dragons, fiends, satyrs, goblins, hobgoblins, monsters, creatures from the bottomless pit, beasts from the mouth of Hell, darkness, terror, and horror with a quicksand bog on one side and a deep chasm/ditch on the other side of the King's Highway going through it (cf. Psalm 23:4).


10) Gaius' Inn : a rest stop in the Second Part of the Pilgrim's Progress.


11) Vanity Fair : a city through which the King's Highway passes and the yearlong Fair that is held there.


12) Plain Ease : a pleasant area traversed by the pilgrims.


13) Hill Lucre : location of a reputed silver mine that proves to be the place where By-Ends and his companions are lost.


14) The Pillar of Salt : which was Lot's wife, who was turned into a pillar of salt when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. The pilgrim's note that its location near The Hill Lucre is a fitting warning to those who are tempted by Demas to go into the Lucre silver mine.


15) River of God or River of the Water of Life : a place of solace for the pilgrims. It flows through a meadow, green all year long and filled with lush fruit trees. In the Second Part the Good Shepherd is found there to whom Christiana's grandchildren are entrusted.

16) By-Path Meadow : the place leading to the grounds of Doubting Castle.


17) Doubting Castle : the home of Giant Despair and his Giantess wife, Diffidence; only one key could open its doors and gates, the key Promise.

18) The Delectable Mountains : known as "Immanuel's Land." Lush country from whose heights one can see many delights and curiosities. It is inhabited by sheep and their shepherds, and from Mount Clear one can see the Celestial City.


19) The Enchanted Ground : an area through which the King's Highway passes that has air that makes pilgrims want to stop to sleep. If one goes to sleep in this place, one never wakes up. The shepherds of the Delectable Mountains warn pilgrims about this.


20) The Land of Beulah : a lush garden area just this side of the River of Death.


21) The River of Death : the dreadful river that surrounds Mount Zion, deeper or shallower depending on the faith of the one traversing it.

22) The Celestial City : called The Desired Country of Pilgrims, "Heaven", the dwelling place of the "Lord of the Hill", God. It is situated on Mount Zion.

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