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The Good News!

Such good news!

The true gospel, or good news, is salvation by grace through faith alone. That is, when we say "Jesus Saves!" we mean it! He is our Saviour, not our semi Saviour, not a half Saviour. Sure.... you should do good works! Every tree is known by his fruit, not saved by his fruit. But it is Jesus who saves. The Greek words for "believe in" mean "to trust in and rely upon" Christ for your salvation.

One very big difference between the doctrine of salvation by works, and salvation by grace, is that every single day you can have a new start with Jesus. If you have backslidden, today, at this very moment, you can be put into a state of salvation in Christ by simply repenting of your backsliding and sin, and thus allowing the blood of Jesus to work in your life and wash away your sins. This blessed hope means the prodigal son, or prodigal daughter, can go back to their loving Father for forgiveness at any time, and expect a kind reception.

This wonderful new start with Jesus daily offer from God does not mean we can cynically misuse God's offer of forgiveness. Repent is a word that is characterized by 100% sincerity. But if you are genuine with God, you have ongoing support and help from him in your daily battle to stay on the right path, and please God. If we are saved by works, as if salvation was a kind of barchart where God counts up what you did in your life, and makes an equation with "= salvation" at the end, what hope is there for the sheep that goes astray? None! Yet the true "gospel by which we are saved" offers us all hope, support and follow-through from God. Jesus is with you always, even to the end of the world.

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