Character List

Part I


Christian - Husband and father stricken by spiritual crisis. Christian is told by a messenger to leave his doomed city and begin a journey of progress toward spiritual achievement.



Evangelist - The messenger carrying the Gospel, or word of Christ, to Christian.

Evangelist spurs Christian on his journey to the Celestial City.

Obstinate - A neighbor of Christian’s in the City of Destruction who refuses to accompany him.


Pliable - A neighbor of Christian’s who accompanies him for a while. After falling in the


Slough of Despond, Pliable is discouraged and returns home, only to be mocked by the townsfolk.


Help - Fellow pilgrim who helps pull Christian from the Slough of Despond.

Worldly Wiseman - A reasonable and practical man whom Christian encounters early in his journey. Worldly Wiseman tries unsuccessfully to urge Christian to give up his religious foolishness and live a contented secular life.


Formalist - A traveler whom Christian meets along the wall of Salvation. With his companion Hypocrisy, Formalist sneaks over the wall, instead of following the strait and narrow as Christian did.


Hypocrisy - Formalist’s travel companion.


Discretion - One of the four mistresses of the Palace Beautiful. Discretion takes Christian in and feeds him.


Piety - One of the four mistresses of the Palace Beautiful. Piety asks Christian about his journey so far.


Prudence - One of the four mistresses of the Palace Beautiful. Prudence tries to understand Christian’s purpose in traveling to Mount Zion.


Charity - One of the four mistresses of the Palace Beautiful. Charity asks Christian why he did not bring his family, which causes him to weep.


The Interpreter - Spiritual guide who shelters Christian. The Interpreter instructs Christian in the art of reading religious meanings hidden in everyday objects and events, which he houses in his Significant Rooms.


Apollyon - Fierce monster with fish scales, bear feet, and dragon wings. Apollyon threatens Christian and fights him with sword until Christian defeats him.

Shining Ones - Three celestial creatures who clothe Christian with new garments and give him the certificate. The Shining Ones act as guardians throughout Christian’s journey.

Faithful - Fellow pilgrim from Christian’s hometown who reports on the city they both left behind. Faithful loyally accompanies Christian until he is executed in the town of Vanity for the crime of disrespecting the local Satan-worshipping religion.


Talkative - Fellow pilgrim who travels alongside Christian and Faithful for a while. Talkative is spurned by Christian for valuing spiritual words over religious deeds.


Mr. By-Ends - A user of religion for personal ends and social profit. Mr. By-ends accompanies Christian briefly after Christian escapes from Vanity.


Hopeful - Pilgrim who replaces Faithful as Christian’s travel companion and confidant after leaving Vanity, all the way to the Celestial City. Hopeful saves Christian’s life in the river before the gates to Mount Zion.


Giant Despair - Master of the Doubting Castle. Giant Despair imprisons Hopeful and Christian for trespassing on his domain and is later killed by Great-heart and Christiana’s sons.


Diffidence - Giant Despair’s wife. She encourages the harsh punishment of Hopeful and Christian in the Doubting Castle.


Demas - Gentlemanly figure who tries to entice Christian and Hopeful with silver and dreams of wealth.


Temporary - A would-be pilgrim whom Christian speaks of in a cautionary way, warning of Temporary’s backsliding before his spiritual progress was complete.


Part II


Sagacity - An elderly man who visits the narrator in his dream. After the narrator asks after Christian’s family, Sagacity offers to take the narrator’s place as the storyteller and recount Christiana’s journey.


Christiana - Christian’s wife and the titular pilgrim in Part II. As a spiritual voyager and a guide to her children, Christiana shows remarkable strength and resilience on the journey.











Pilgrim's Progress - Characters

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Pilgrim's Progress Characters :

First Part :

1) Christian : who was born with the name Graceless, the protagonist in the First Part, whose journey to the Celestial City is the plot of the story.

2) Evangelist : the religious man who puts Christian on the path to the Celestial City. He also shows Christian a book, which readers assume to be the Bible.

3) Obstinate : one of the two residents of the City of Destruction, who run after Christian when he first sets out, in order to bring him back. Like his name, he is stubborn and is disgusted with Christian and with Pliable for making a journey that he thinks is nonsense.

4) Pliable : the other of the two, who goes with Christian until both of them fall into the Slough of Despond, a boggy mire composed of the decadence and filthiness of sin and a swamp that makes the fears and doubts of a present and past sinner real. Pliable escapes from the slough and returns home. Like his name, he is insecure and goes along with some things for a little while but quickly gives up on them.


5) Help : Christian's rescuer from the Slough of Despond.


6) Mr. Worldly Wiseman : a resident of a place called Carnal Policy, who persuades Christian to go out of his way to being helped by a friend named Mr. Legality and then move to the City of Morality (which focuses salvation on the Law and good deeds instead of faith and love in Jesus Christ). His real advice is from the world and not from God, meaning his advice is flawed and consists of three objectives: getting Christian off the right path, making the cross of Jesus Christ offensive to him, and binding him to the Law so he would die with his sins. Worldly Wiseman has brought down many innocent pilgrims and there will be many more to come.


7) Goodwill : the keeper of the Wicket Gate through which one enters the "straight and narrow way" (also referred to as "the King's Highway") to the Celestial City. In the Second Part, we find that this character is none other than Jesus Christ Himself.


8) Beelzebub : literally "Lord of the Flies," is one of Satan's companion archdemons, who has erected a fort near the Wicket Gate from which he and his soldiers can shoot arrows of fire at those about to enter the Wicket Gate so they will never enter it. He is also the Lord, God, King, Master, and Prince of Vanity Fair. Christian calls him "captain" of the Foul Fiend Apollyon, who he later met in the Valley of Humiliation.[9]


9) The Interpreter : the one who has his House along the way as a rest stop for travelers to check in to see pictures and dioramas to teach them the right way to live the Christian life. He has been identified in the Second Part as the Holy Spirit.


10) Shining Ones : the messengers and servants of "the Lord of the Hill," God. They are obviously the holy angels.


11) Formalist : one of two travelers and false pilgrims on the King's Highway, who do not come in by the Wicket Gate, but climb over the wall that encloses it, at least from the hill and sepulchers up to the Hill Difficulty. He and his companion Hypocrisy come from the land of Vainglory. He takes one of the two bypaths that avoid the Hill Difficulty but is lost.


12) Hypocrisy : the companion of Formalist and the other false pilgrim. He takes the other of the two bypaths and is also lost.

13) Timorous and Mistrust : two men who try to persuade Christian to go back for fear of the chained lions near the House Beautiful. Timorous is a relative of Mrs. Timorous of the Second Part. 


14) Watchful : the porter of the House Beautiful. He also appears in the Second Part and receives "a gold angel" coin from Christiana for his kindness and service to her and her companions. "Watchful" is also the name of one of the Delectable Mountains' shepherds.


15) Discretion : one of the beautiful maids of the house, who decides to allow Christian to stay there.


16) Prudence : another of the House Beautiful maidens. She appears in the Second Part.


17) Piety : another of the House Beautiful maidens. She appears in the Second Part.


18) Charity : another of the House Beautiful maidens. She appears in the Second Part.


19) Apollyon : literally "Destroyer;" the King, Lord, God, Master, Prince, Owner, Landlord, Ruler, Governor, and Leader of the City of Destruction where Christian was born. He is one of Satan's companion archdemons, who tries to force Christian to return to his domain and service. His battle with Christian takes place in the Valley of Humiliation, just below the House Beautiful. He appears as a huge demonic creature with fish's scales, the mouth of a lion, feet of a bear, second mouth on his belly, and dragon's wings. He takes fiery darts from his body to throw at his opponents. Apollyon is finally defeated when Christian uses the Sword of the Spirit to wound him two times.


20) Pope and Pagan : giants living in a cave at the end of the fearsome Valley of the Shadow of Death. They are allegories of Roman Catholicism and paganism as persecutors of Protestant Christians. "Pagan" is dead, indicating the end of pagan persecution with Antiquity, and "Pope" is alive but decrepit, indicating the then-diminished power and influence of the Roman Catholic pope. In the Second Part, Pagan is resurrected by a demon from the bottomless pit of the Valley of the Shadow of Death, representing the new age of pagan persecution, and Pope is revived of his deadly wounds and is no longer stiff and unable to move, representing the beginning of the Christian's troubles with Roman Catholic popes.

21) Faithful : Christian's friend from the City of Destruction, who is also going on pilgrimage. Christian meets Faithful just after getting through the Valley of The Shadow of Death. He dies later in Vanity Fair for his strong faith and first reaches the Celestial City.


22) Wanton : a temptress who tries to get Faithful to leave his journey to the Celestial City. She may be the popular resident of the City of Destruction, Madam Wanton, who hosted a house party for friends of Mrs. Timorous.


23) Adam the First : "the old man" (representing carnality and deceit) who tries to persuade Faithful to leave his journey and come live with his three daughters: the Lust of the Flesh, the Lust of the Eyes, and the Pride of Life.


24) Moses : the severe, violent avenger (representing the Law, which knows no mercy) who tries to kill Faithful for his momentary weakness in wanting to go with Adam the First out of the way. Moses is sent away by Jesus Christ.


25) Talkative : a pilgrim that Faithful and Christian meet after going through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. He is known to Christian as a fellow resident of the City of Destruction, living on Prating Row. He is the son of Say-Well and Mrs. Talk-About-The-Right Things. He is said to be better-looking from a distance than close up. His enthusiasm for talking about his faith to Faithful deceives him into thinking that he is a sincere man. Christian lets Faithful know about his unsavory past, and in a conversation that Faithful strikes up with him, he is exposed as shallow and hypocritical in his Christianity.


26) Lord Hate-Good : the evil judge who tries Faithful in Vanity Fair. Lord Hate-Good is the opposite of a judge, he hates right and loves wrong because he does wrong himself. His jury is twelve vicious rogue men.


27) Envy : the first witness against Faithful who falsely accuses that Faithful shows no respect for their prince, Lord Beelzebub.


28) Superstition : the second witness against Faithful who falsely accuses Faithful of saying that their religion is vain.


29) Pick-Thank : the third witness against Faithful who falsely accuses Faithful of going against their prince, their people, their laws, their "honorable" friends, and the judge himself.


30) Hopeful : the resident of Vanity Fair, who takes Faithful's place as Christian's fellow traveler. The character Hopeful poses an inconsistency in that there is a necessity imposed on the pilgrims that they enter the "King's Highway" by the Wicket Gate. Hopeful, did not; however, of him, we read "... one died to bear testimony to the truth, and another rises out of his ashes to be a companion with Christian in his pilgrimage." Hopeful assumes Faithful's place by God's design. Theologically and allegorically it would follow in that "faith" is trust in God as far as things present are concerned, and "hope," biblically the same as "faith," is trust in God as far as things of the future are concerned. Hopeful would follow Faithful. The other factor is that Vanity Fair is right on the straight and narrow way. Ignorance, in contrast to Hopeful, was unconcerned about the end times of God, unconcerned with true faith in Jesus Christ, and gave false hope about the future. Ignorance was told by Christian and Hopeful that he should have entered the highway through the Wicket Gate.


31) Mr. By-Ends : a false pilgrim met by Christian and Hopeful after they leave Vanity Fair. He makes it his aim to avoid any hardship or persecution that Christians may have to undergo. He supposedly perishes in the Hill Lucre (a dangerous silver mine) with three of his friends, Hold-the-World, Money-Love, and Save-All, at the behest of Demas, who invites passersby to come and see the mine. A "by-end" is a pursuit that is achieved indirectly. For By-Ends and his companions, it is the by-end of financial gain through religion.


32) Demas : a deceiver, who beckons to pilgrims at the Hill Lucre to come and join in the supposed silver mining going on in it. He is first mentioned in the Book of Second Timothy by the disciple Paul when he said, "Demas has deserted us because he loved the world". Demas tries two ways to trick Christian and Hopeful: first, he claims that the mine is safe and they will be rich, and then he claims that he is a pilgrim and will join them on their journey. Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, is able to rebuke Demas and expose his lies.


33) Giant Despair : the savage owner of Doubting Castle, where pilgrims are imprisoned and murdered. He is slain by Greatheart in the Second Part.


34) Giantess Diffidence : Despair's wife, known to be cruel, savage, violent, and evil like her husband. She is slain by Old Honest in the Second Part.


35) Knowledge : one of the shepherds of the Delectable Mountains.


36) Experience : another of the Delectable Mountains shepherds.


37) Watchful : another of the Delectable Mountains shepherds.


38) Sincere : another of the Delectable Mountains shepherds.

39) Ignorance : "the brisk young lad", (representing foolishness and conceit) who joins the "King's Highway" by way of the "crooked lane" that comes from his native country, called "Conceit." He follows Christian and Hopeful and on two occasions talks with them. He believes that he will be received into the Celestial City because of his doing good works in accordance with God's will. For him, Jesus Christ is only an example, not a Savior. Christian and Hopeful try to set him right, but they fail. He gets a ferryman, Vain-Hope, to ferry him across the River of Death rather than cross it on foot as one is supposed to do. When he gets to the gates of the Celestial City, he is asked for a "certificate" needed for entry, which he does not have. The King upon hearing this, then, orders that he be bound and cast into Hell.


40) The Flatterer : a deceiver dressed as an angel who leads Christian and Hopeful out of their way, when they fail to look at the road map given them by the Shepherds of the Delectable Mountains.


41) Atheist : a mocker of Christian and Hopeful, who goes the opposite way on the "King's Highway" because he boasts that he knows that God and the Celestial City do not exist.

Pilgrim's Progress Characters :

Second Part :

1) Mr. Sagacity : a guest narrator who meets Bunyan himself in his new dream and recounts the events of the Second Part up to the arrival at the Wicket Gate.


2) Christiana : wife of Christian, who leads her four sons and neighbor Mercy on pilgrimage.


3) Matthew : Christian and Christiana's eldest son, who marries Mercy.

4) Samuel : the second son, who marries Grace, Mr. Mnason's daughter.

5) Joseph : the third son, who marries Martha, Mr. Mnason's daughter.


6) James : fourth and youngest son, who marries Phoebe, Gaius's daughter.Mercy, Christiana's neighbor, who goes with her on pilgrimage and marries Matthew.


7) Mrs. Timorous : a relative of the Timorous of the First Part, who comes with Mercy to see Christiana before she sets out on pilgrimage.


8) Mrs. Bat's-Eyes : a resident of The City of Destruction and friend of Mrs. Timorous. Since she has a bat's eyes, she would be blind or nearly blind, so her characterization of Christiana as blind in her desire to go on pilgrimage is hypocritical.


9) Mrs. Inconsiderate : a resident of The City of Destruction and friend of Mrs. Timorous. She characterizes Christiana's departure "a good riddance" as an inconsiderate person would.


10) Mrs. Light-Mind : a resident of The City of Destruction and friend of Mrs. Timorous. She changes the subject from Christiana to gossip about being at a bawdy party at Madam Wanton's home.


11) Mrs. Know-Nothing : a resident of The City of Destruction and friend of Mrs. Timorous. She wonders if Christiana will actually go on pilgrimage.


12) Ill-favoured Ones : two evil characters Christiana sees in her dream, whom she and Mercy actually encounter when they leave the Wicket Gate. The two Ill Ones are driven off by Great-Heart himself.


Reliever - Fellow pilgrim who rescues Christiana and Mercy from the two Ill-Favored Ones.

13) Innocent : a young serving maid of the Interpreter, who answers the door of the house when Christiana and her companions arrive; and who conducts them to the garden bath, which signifies Christian baptism.

14) Mr. Greatheart : the guide and bodyguard sent by the Interpreter with Christiana and her companions from his house to their journey's end. He proves to be one of the main protagonists in the Second Part.


Watchful - Porter of the House Beautiful.

15) Giant Grim : a Giant who "backs the [chained] lions" near the House Beautiful, slain by Great-Heart. He is also known as "Bloody-Man" because he has killed many pilgrims or sent them on mazes of detours, where they were lost forever.

16) Humble-Mind : one of the maidens of the House Beautiful, who makes her appearance in the Second Part. She questions Matthew, James, Samuel, and Joseph about their godly faith and their hearts to the Lord God.


17) Mr. Brisk : a suitor of Mercy's, who gives up courting her when he finds out that she makes clothing only to give away to the poor. He is shown to be a foppish, worldly-minded person who is double-minded about his beliefs.


18) Mr. Skill : the godly physician called to the House Beautiful to cure Matthew of his illness, which is caused by eating the forbidden apples and fruits of Beelzebub which his mother (Christiana) told him not to, but he did it anyway.


19) Giant Maul : a Giant whom Greatheart kills as the pilgrims leave the Valley of the Shadow of Death. He holds a grudge against Greatheart for doing his duty of saving pilgrims from damnation and bringing them from darkness to light, from evil to good, and from Satan, the Devil to Jesus Christ, the Savior.  A giant killed by Great-heart. He accuses Great-heart of kidnapping the pilgrims.


20) Old Honest : a pilgrim from the frozen town of Stupidity who joins them, a welcome companion to Greatheart. Old Honest tells the stories of Mr. Fearing and a prideful villain named Mr. Self-Will. An elderly pilgrim. While accompanying Christiana and her group, he relates the sad demise of the pilgrim Fearing.


21) Mr. Fearing : a fearful pilgrim from the City of Destruction whom Greatheart had "conducted" to the Celestial City in an earlier pilgrimage. Noted for his timidness of Godly Fears such as temptations and doubts. He is Mr. Feeble-Mind's uncle. 

A pilgrim who accompanies Honest for some time. Mr. Fearing is courageous in the face of physical danger but insufficiently certain about his desire to reach the Celestial City.


22) Gaius : an innkeeper with whom the pilgrims stay for some years after they leave the Valley of the Shadow of Death. He gives his daughter Phoebe to James in marriage. The lodging fee for his inn is paid by the Good Samaritan. Gaius tells them of the wicked Giant Slay-Good.


23) Giant Slay-Good : a Giant who enlists the help of evildoers on the King's Highway to abduct, murder, and consume pilgrims before they get to Vanity Fair. He is killed by Greatheart.


24) Mr. Feeble-Mind : rescued from Slay-Good by Mr. Greatheart, who joins Christiana's company of pilgrims. He is the nephew of Mr. FearingA mentally slow pilgrim captured and nearly killed by the giant Good-Slay. Mr. Feeble-Mind is rescued by Gaius and joins Christiana’s group of pilgrims.

25) Phoebe : Gaius's daughter, who marries James.

26) Mr. Ready-to-Halt : a pilgrim who meets Christiana's train of pilgrims at Gaius's door, and becomes the companion of Mr. Feeble-Mind, to whom he gives one of his crutches.


27) Mr. Mnason : a resident of the town of Vanity, who puts up the pilgrims for a time, and gives his daughters Grace and Martha in marriage to Samuel and Joseph respectively.


28) Grace : Mnason's daughter, who marries Samuel.


29) Martha : Mnason's daughter, who marries Joseph.


Contrite - Friend of Mnason’s, who says that the locals feel a burden of guilt after the unjust execution of Christian’s friend Faithful.

30) Mr. Despondency : a rescued prisoner from Doubting Castle owned by the miserable Giant Despair.


31) Much-Afraid : Mr Despondency's daughter.

32) Faint-Heart, Mistrust, and Guilt : three robbers who tried to rob Mr. Valiant, but he defeated them.

32) Mr. Valiant-For-Truth (Mr Valiant?) : a pilgrim they find all bloody, with his sword in his hand, after leaving the Delectable Mountains. He fought and defeated three robbers called Faint-Heart, Mistrust, and Guilt.


33) Mr. Stand-Fast For-Truth : a pilgrim found while praying for deliverance from Madame Bubble.


Heedless - A pilgrim who falls asleep near the end of his pilgrimage and talks in his sleep, showing his basic failure to understand pilgrimage.


Too-Bold - Heedless’s cohort.

34) Madame Bubble : a witch whose enchantments made the Enchanted Ground enchanted with an air that makes foolish pilgrims sleepy and never wake up again. She is the adulterous woman mentioned in the Biblical Book of Proverbs. A tall, attractive, dark-skinned temptress. Madam Bubble offers Standfast herself and her money if he will stay with her.


35) Mr. Self-Will : went over a bridge to meet Madame Bubble and never came back again.

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