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About the people of Israel.

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About the people of Israel (essay - under construction).


Judaism is based on 613 laws that reflect laws of Moses, but they miss out the Mosaic Law from Deuteronomy 18:18-19 that says if you do not obey the law of the Messiah in the new covenant law, you will be cut off from being one of God's People. Modern Judaism is based on the Gainsaying of Korah, that is mentioned in the Epistle of Jude. Throughout the centuries the Jewish Sanhedrin have liked to think they have the same powers as were given by God to "Moses the Law Giver" but they have not. This has resulted in the Talmud, a huge tome of man made uninspired laws, traditions and stories that deflect them from the prophecies of the Messiah in their own scriptures. In Daniel 9, for instance, is the prophecy of the Messiah dying (it says "not for himself" it is for our sins) just before the temple in Jerusalem is destroyed in 70 AD. The Jews like to imagine Jesus was a false Messiah who died at that precise same time, even though billions have said they follow him since then. They live in denial about who the Messiah was and is, and say they wait for him yet to arrive.

If Judaism is the way to heaven, why has their temple been destroyed for almost 2,000 years?

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